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Assisting Employers with a Variety of Audit and Defense Matters

Any company with employees must adhere to a wide range of federal and state laws and regulations. Even a seemingly minor error or misunderstanding can result in hefty fines and lasting effects on your bottom line. It is important for every company owner to have a law firm they can turn to for compliance guidance, or in the event of a complaint, investigation, or allegations of law violations. If you are an employer in Iowa, contact Farmer, Farmer & Brown Law Firm for assistance today.


Employees can make complaints about many different issues, and if the matter is not resolved, they can allege violations of employment laws to the Department of Labor (DOL), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), state agencies, and other officials. Your company may need to defend itself at administrative hearings or in civil court if an employee files a lawsuit. You need an experienced litigator in any of these situations.

Department of Labor Audit Defense

When the DOL believes that your company might be engaging in federal labor law violations, they can perform an audit to discover evidence of possible violations. Labor law violations – even if they are unintentional – can be costly, and you need the right defense counsel to help mitigate any penalties you might face.

Department of Justice Audit Defense

If DOJ investigators perform an audit of your company, they are more than likely investigating possible violations of federal law, including immigration or employment laws. DOJ officials have extensive investigative budgets and tools, and they will do anything they can to discover civil or criminal violations. You should never have anyone in your company speak with investigators without the representation of an experienced DOJ audit defense lawyer, as they will use any information against an employer to prove violations and report them to the U.S. Attorney.

E-Verify & I-9 Audits

Every employer should have paper or electronic I-9 records for each and every employee at all times. Larger employers may want to move to the E-Verify system to help manage immigration information and records for employees. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is conducting more and more raids on employers to audit I-9 and E-Verify information, and to identify unauthorized employees. Employers may be penalized up to $16,000 for missing an I-9 for an unauthorized worker, and still hefty fines for missing forms for authorized workers, so you want to internally audit your immigration verification systems on a regular basis with the guidance of an experienced immigration attorney.

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