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Defending Employers During DOJ Investigations and Audits

If you learn that your company is being audited or investigated by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), your first call should be to a Department of Justice audit defense lawyer. This is likely a serious matter, and you want to protect the interests and reputation of your business as quickly as possible. Seek legal representation from the law firm of Farmer, Farmer & Brown Law Firm, P.L.L.C. right away.

DOJ Audits and Investigations

The Department of Justice works to enforce federal laws, both civil and criminal. The U.S. Attorney General is in charge of the DOJ, which involves a variety of enforcement agencies, including the DEA, ATF, and FBI. These agencies all have extensive investigative budgets, and they work to gather extensive amounts of evidence to prove allegations against both individuals and companies.

Often, the DOJ has been investigating your company for possible violations long before you realize it. Employers generally learn of audits when they receive a Target Letter stating the company is the target of an audit. On the other hand, investigators may simply show up at the company asking to speak with business leaders or with a search warrant. Companies should immediately obtain legal defense representation when they receive a letter or encounter federal agents.

Many employer audits are regarding possible civil violations, which may stem from employee complaints or other whistleblowing reports. However, some audits may be seeking evidence of criminal activity within a company. It is critical that you have the right law firm defending your business during the audit.

Avoid Common Errors During an Audit

There are several common mistakes that employers and their representatives make that can hurt their case, even if the audit is unjustified. Avoid doing the following during a DOJ audit:

  • Speaking with investigators without an attorney present
  • Talking about the case with employees, family, friends, the press, or anyone outside the direct audit process
  • Discussing any information about the audit on social media
  • Destroying or trying to conceal records, documents, or anything that might be considered to be evidence
  • Trying to manage the audit yourself without the assistance of a DOJ audit defense attorney

DOJ investigators mean business, and they often conduct an audit because they are looking for evidence of specific violations of federal law. Often, having the right defense representation will allow an employer to comply with the audit while avoiding accusations of violations and incurring serious civil penalties. If violations are alleged by DOJ investigators, our law firm can work to mitigate the penalties that an employer faces.

Contact Our DOJ Audit Defense Lawyers as Soon as Possible

Whether Department of Justice auditors are looking into the immigration status of employees, wage and hour records, compliance with safety standards, or other signs of possible violations, our attorneys at Farmer, Farmer & Brown Law Firm, P.L.L.C. are ready to defend your company. If you learn of an audit by the DOJ, you should not delay in calling (512) 894-2128 or contacting us online for a consultation about how we can defend your business.


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